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ninvoyslut's Journal

ninvoyslut graphics
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This is the icon/graphics community for [info]ninvoytastic & [info]risian_slut. Here you will find various graphics & icons we create that are topics of interest to us (all topics posted in the interests section below).

All graphics are categorized in tags.
1. Members only. We want to know who is using our work.
2. Please comment if you take something. This helps with what we make for future graphics.
2. Credit [info]ninvoyslut, [info]teamliz, or [info]risian_slut for everything you see here.
3. We don't make bases, so altering isn't cool.
4. No hotlinking. We'll just get pissed and take it all down and that isn't productive at all, is it?
5. We're not going to add you if it's obvious you don't credit.
6. Do not comment on our personal journals about our graphics. Everything graphics-related is here.
General icon resources are posted here, specific crediting is in the posts themselves.
Journal appearance & credits are here.
contact us
All member inquires & general comments can be directed to us in our various icon posts, as of right now. Anyone else can reach us here.
Want to put a button on your profile and support us? Upload the images to your own server & copy the codes below.

icons & graphics
icons & graphics
icons & graphics